Wet and dry vacuum cleaner for indoor and outdoor vacuuming

The Multi 20 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is ideal for home, car, workshop or office use. The days where you spend half a day blowing up your rubber boat are gone – now it only takes about 20 seconds – thanks to the automatic blow function.  And if you need to suck up water from your basement or from the floor, this machine is a must - use the same filter for water and dry dirt.

Multi 20

Silent, mobile industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners with superior suction power.The small size and big performance of the Attix 30, along with the wide range of available models, makes it the perfect choice for people who move with their work from one space to another.  Operating costs are minimized with the washable PET Fleece filter elements, and the low working noise level lets you work when others are nearby, without disturbing them. 

Attix 30

WAP Nilfisk multi 20
WAP Nilfisk Attix 30

Industrial health and safety, wet and dry vacuum cleaners for M- + H-Class hazardous dust

The Attix 965-0H/M SD XC is the most powerful two-motor machine that is approved to be used for both H- and M-Class.  The perfect disposal concept for industrial use and health endangerous and carcinogenic dust.

By choosing the correct container inlet the machine allows you to dispose the debris with a dustfree and therefore safe solution.  The stainless steel container ensures durability and a prolonged machine life.  The standard disposal bag (M-Class) or the included safety filter bag enables safe dustfree working.  The Multi-Fit container inlet gives access to the entire range of accessories to customize the machine to your specific needs.

  • Industrial specifications, robust construction, and powerful.

  • Approved for H and M-Class.

  • Two motor industrial performance.

  • XtremeClean fully automatic filter cleaning system for high efficiency in H and M-Class.

  • Big surface H-Class filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs

  • Stainless Steel Sit Down container for perfect handling and disposal.

  • 10 meter cable for a large working radius.

  • Disposal and Safety filterbag standard.

WAP Nilfisk Attix 965

Attix 965

CFM White Range: Hygiene, quality, safety

The CFM lateral trim vacuums, commonly known as the R Models, are used to extract trim (paper, plastic, fabric, etc.) from production lines.  Suction power, construction features and dimensions are therefore tailored according to the production machines they need to serve.

The standard versions are equipped with a nylon liner filter and special liners are available for powder extraction. The suction unit, a three-phase continuous duty motor, is placed directly under the container.

All the models are available in the painted and stainless steel AISI 304 versions. A 4 kW multi-stage blower in parallel connection is also available (model 3507W R). All the R models are ideal for automated applications (no need for an operator).

  • Available in five versions, from 0.85 to 4.0kW, with containers in a 460 and 560mm diameter (total capacity of 114, 150 or 215 litres).

  • Small footprint.

  • Maintenance free.

  • Very quiet.

  • Easy and quick disposal of waste material.

  • High volume capacity.

  • Quick visual level control: plexiglass port hole in the lid.

  • Specific liner filter for fine dust available.

  • Stainless steel version available.

R 305 (3 Phase)

WAP Nilfisk R 305