The treatment of compressed air is often the most neglected aspect of any compressed air installation. We offer filtration, drying, storage and condensate management solutions to achieve the most stringent ISO 8573 classifications of Class 1.1.1. Air receivers, filters, compressed air dryers and refrigeration dryers form part of our extensive air treatment product range. Condensate management, treatment and correct disposal in terms of legislation is achievable with our range of oily water separators. This is mandatory for all factories and a requirement for ISO14000 accreditation.

Our filtration system compiles of a AO 1 micron filter which extracts the bigger debris, this filter is installed between the compressor and the dryer, because the dryer has parts that can be damaged due to bigger debris. Then the AA 0.01 micron filter is installed after the dryer for micro debris and then through the ACS – activated carbon filter , which clears the air to point where it is safe to inhale. If you are not satisfied with the clarity of the air a sterile filter can be added.

Compressed air filtration

Air Treatment