Industrial size, mobile, cold water high pressure washer

The Novastar industrial, cold water high pressure washer is fully mobile, with all components mounted on a sturdy steel base frame, protected by a tubular steel roll cage. The high pressure pump is directly coupled to a standard speed electric motor. Operation of the machine is controlled from the "trigger" type safety spray lance.

Typical areas of usage include cleaning applications in the construction and earth moving field, automotive sector, mining and engineering industries and similar.

Key features

  • Sturdy steel chassis with roll cage for maximum component protection, as well as easy loading and off-loading.

  • Two solid, large diameter heavy duty wheels to facilitate convenient transportation, even in rough terrain.

  • Positive displacement piston pump, oil lubricated with three ceramic pistons, suction and pressure valves with stainless seats.

  • Direct drive power transmission between high pressure pump and electric motor.

  • 4 pole electric motor, revolving at a speed of 1450 rpm.

  • Automatic unloader/regulator device, with pressure adjustment facility.

  • Chemical injector - venturi type for "after-pump" injection of chemicals.

WAP Neptune
WAP Novastar

Novastar 14/150 E

Compact industrial mobile cold water pressure washers, single and 3-phase models

The professional cold water line combining high performance level for increased cleaning efficiency, ergonomic design and robustness for superior everyday cleaning. Models designed for everyday use by tradesmen, on small construction sites, hobby and dairy farms or rentals.

Available both in single and three-phase versions.

  • Ergonomic and compact design.

  • Axial pump.

  • Powerful and long lasting.

  • Detergent injector hose and doser.

  • XT model with hose reel, additional hose and rotary jet lance.

  • Ergo accessory concept for optimal user comfort.

Poseidon 3

WAP Poseidon

Innovative new industrial range cold water high pressure washers

Innovative new industrial cold water high pressure washer. The Poseidon 5 PA-FA medium range are the most versatile partners for demanding customers in agriculture, industry, construction and automotive. We have succeeded in combining an unmatched level of mobility and ease of use with unbeatable robustness, optimal service and great storage features.

  • Tough and sturdy design with 30mm steel frame.

  • Optimal storage and transport with foldable handle and easy lifting points.

  • High mobility with large rear wheels and most models with front castor wheel or a foot.

  • Easy accessibility to pump, optimal service concept.

  • Ergonomic accessory concept.

Poseidon 5

WAP Poseidon


Flow-activated industrial hot water high pressure washer:  tough industrial design, high performance and productivity - a professional solution

The versatile Neptune 5 FA series continues to combine low running costs, high performance, ease of use, low noise and great cleaning efficiency.  The flow-activated control system offers great comfortable use and assures durability and reliability.  The EcoPower boiler system offers > 92% efficiency for significantly reduced fuel consumption and lower running costs.

The Neptune 5 FA means faster cleaning combined with a long service life, reducing overall cleaning costs. 

  • EcoPower boiler with > 92% efficiency.

  • Flow-activated control system 

  • Reduced running costs.

  • 1450 RPM motor.

  • NA5H pump with ceramic pistons.

  • Easy to use control panel.

  • Ergo 2000 accessory concept for optimal user comfort. 

  • Quick service concept.

  • Reduced air pollution. 

  • Efficient motor cooling.

  • Tough metal frame. 

  • Including B.A Valve (Back Flow Preventer).

Neptune 5 FA