CR 1500 LPG

Powerful cleaning in demanding conditions

When there is a demand for a machine capable of heavy duty industrial cleaning performance, the Nilfisk CR 1500 supplies the answer.

With an all steel construction and wrap-around bumpers, king-sized tanks and hopper, and a powerful 3-litre engine, this combination machine is built to perform under the toughest of conditions.  The cleaning power is enhanced by disc brushes and a hydraulic system that provides a scrub brush pressure of 272 kg on the floor.  The real performance capability of the CR 1500 provides outstanding results and impressive productivity gains that quickly repay investment costs.  When cleaning conditions are severe, nothing compares with the strength, power, and reliability of the Nilfisk CR 1500.

  • Wide scrubbing area (137 cm), a sweeping width of 152 cm, 11 km/h working speed, plus 380 litres capacity solution and recovery tanks provide high productivity.

  • Huge hopper with 454 litre capacity provides increased operational time, and a dump height of 152 cm for emptying into any container.

  • Oil and grease is removed in one pass thanks to 272 kg scrubbing pressure.

  • Rear wheel power steering for better traction control.

  • Adjustable scrubbing pressure provides first class cleaning regardless of dirt level or floor condition.

WAP Nilfisk sweeper

BA / CA 451 / 531

Silent, compact and easy to manoeuvre

The walk-behind series has retained the best of the former generation, but offers more comfort and productivity in an improved design.

Floors are cleaned and dried in one single pass, and the compact design permits cleaning right to the edge, even in congested areas.  Each of the battery driven versions are now equipped with the new Ecoflex system, which keeps the consumption control, but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water and detergent for more aggressive cleaning tasks - Green meets clean.  That is why this series makes effective floor cleaning a fast, quiet and inexpensive task.

  • Ecoflex system: complete consumption control without compromising cleaning performance.

  • Ecoflex chemical kit, for automatic and accurate detergent mixing (offered as an optional kit).

  • Low noise level allowing daytime cleaning anywhere, even in noise sensitive areas.

  • Recovery tank can be tilted, allowing easy access to the internal components and battery maintenance.

  • ECO Solution when activated reduces water consumption by 50%.

  • Adjustable brush pressure and 45 to 53 cm interchangeable decks allows you to customise the cleaning task.

WAP Nilfisk scrubber drier

FM400 Dual speed single disc

The FM400 D offers the choice to either 185 or 370 rpm for easy, efficient and cost-effective maintenance of virtually all floors.  It is built for standard and medium-duty use, handles stripping or scrubbing as well as high-speed spray cleaning or polishing.

Moreover we improved ergonomy in handling, balance and transportation, thus adding special features like: cable hook, plug holder, longer cable, common accessories, improved serviceability. Offset deck is just 12cm tall in order to clean under furnitures and radiators.

  • Price competitive: Nilfisk made machines result in extremely competitive prices compared to all major competitors.

  • Correct performance: Same power, low noise level and balance performance.

  • Common design: The recognized Nilfisk image signals cost savings and easy handling.

  • Common accessories: Less complicated and easy to operate.

WAP Nilfisk scrubber polisher

Scrubber, polishers, driers & sweepers